Dress Abnormal

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There’s a lot of noise about “Normcore” right now on fashion blogs and whatnot, it’s finally reached the embarrassing critical mass of mall stores now using “Normal” as a way to peddle their same old same stock. As if blending in is the new cool. However I think that there is something to be said of dressing abnormally right now. I’m not saying chase trends or follow strange designers down dangerous high fashion alleys- but to be utterly creative and exuberant and *you*.

There has been so much unhappy news this year, riots and violence and harassment etc. There is so much ugly and thoughtless, people feeling they need to be invisible to be safe on the street. Which I think makes it even more important to create beauty and exuberance, for efforts towards drawing light into the every day.

For me conjuring my weird daily outfits is a sort of personal alchemy, I like to imagine what I’d think if I saw someone wearing that on the street. As whenever I pass someone creatively attired I can’t help but smile and feel buoyed by their choices. It’s a little brightness on a gum-stained sidewalk, it’s a flash of something rare and peculiar flickering between dusty shop doors.

So express the wildest parts of yourself, plunge head-first into the closet and emerge swathed in elaborate decadent *you*. Because the world needs some magic, even if it’s just the sort made with cloth and craft shop glitter right now.

And who would want to be “normal” anyway? Ick.


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