Quick Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Autumn is absolutely mad around here! We love the pace but it makes it really tricky to put some solid work into a Halloween costume. Today we’re listing 3 quick costumes with lots of easy DIY options or props/elements that can be easily found to help all the last minute Halloween-ers and those of us who are totally swamped. 🙂

Dress Up Dolls

1. Kawaii Cowgirl! Gloomth Girl Fine Lines wore our “Valance” dress and “Luxy” top in this adorable outfit. Add a costume cowboy hat and boots, maybe striped tights for the dolly feel, and a stuffed pony and you’re set.

Dress Up Dolls

2. Parade Drummer! Charming Lady Rakasha wore our “Tuxedo” dress in this look! Paired with a vintage majorette hat and a children’s toy drum. Super cute and easy to coordinate.

Dress Up Dolls

3. Wind-Up Doll! Cut a clock-key shape out of cardboard and spray paint it silver, touch up with black paint to give it a weathered old look. This can be attached to a belt or the sashes on our “Chrysanthemum” dress as shown! Instant wind-up doll costume.

Photos in this article are by SMarsh Photography, the whole set can be seen in our flickr! This was one of our favorite shoots of last year, it was such fun creating so many unique looks with the Gloomth Girls!


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