Works in Progress

We’ve been madly preparing stuff for the Bazaar of the Bizarre on Oct 12th! Agreeing to do an event during our busy season was probably not my wisest choice but it’s been a lot of fun making things for this show and I can’t wait to unveil our new jewelry line afterwards. Here are some in process snaps of things I’ve been doing/making the last little while!

cat watching drawing

Goblin has been so helpful with all of the projects being made in my apartment……

taeden hall artwork drawing inkOne thing I have really enjoyed working on are some giant ink drawings. A goal of mine for 2015 is to incorporate more of my drawings/art stuff into Gloomth! When I was in university (which feels like a century ago) I used to do giant ink drawings and this was my first attempt at those again. It’s a sort of rough trial at a project I want to do next year with Gloomth!

fake display cake gloomth eyeballs creepyNo apartment is complete without a great big creepy fake cake with eyeballs and gems on it. We will be sure to film the show at the Bazaar, it’s going to be a spectacle! 😉 And if you’re in Toronto come see us please, it’s a free event and we’d love to meet you.

If you like seeing bits of stuff Im working on and behind the scenes snaps add us on Instagram! 🙂




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