It’s My Birthday and I’ll Blog If I Want To

Yep, it is my birthday. So we’re having a personal post on a MONDAY (the horror)! We’ll have new photoshoot photos, costume snaps, and lots of other good stuff this week to make up for today, heh. 😉

taeden hall

I’m turning 30 today. I remember thinking of 30 as super old as a kid, I couldn’t possibly imagine myself being *that* old! Not particularly old but it’s the start of a new numerical decade and one I feel a little excited for. There were a lot of enjoyable things about my 20s but I’m *so* done with that chapter and feel ready to open the next!

There are many things I am excited about doing in the years ahead, and after the experiences of my 20s I feel rooted in myself and sure of where I want to be. I have centred my life around art and creating and that is the most satisfying thing for me, and it’s where I am happiest!

I am truly grateful for my dear friends, for the people I’ve met and cherished over the years, who’ve supported me through every bad hair cut and questionable lover. For my  family and our “in house” photographer (aka my brother). For the members of the Gloomth team- models, seamstresses, photographers, collaborators of all kinds. The greatest gift I could ever be given is our audience, the friends and fans who support what I love doing and allow me to continue to do so. To feel so excited about my “job” and to connect with so many amazing and creative people all over the world. I am honoured, and I am sure we will do amazing things in the near future together!

Happy Birthday to me, and someone please pass the ice cream cake (and gin)! 😉


4 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday and I’ll Blog If I Want To

  1. Happy Birthday Taeden! I hope this is an amazingly perfect day for you!

    Also, this post was beautifully put. I hope that when I turn 30, I feel how you do about it. ^.^
    Enjoy your very special day!

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