DIY Freckled Fox Makeup Tutorial

The Princess & The Fox

Feeling foxy? Replicate model Syringe’s adorable fox inspired makeup from our recent shoot for a charming Halloween look or for your own photoshoot (or just to hang out at the mall looking like a fox). πŸ˜€

Bonus Points- The ears used in this shoot are easy to make at home! We created the black base with black plastic (recycled from a broken binder’s cover, of all things) and then used lace, tiny orange and clear gems, and orange paint to shade them to resemble fox ears.


-Orange eyeshadow or orange blush

-Orange water based makeup, we used Kryolan’s aquacolor

-Black aquacolor or blend-able liquid eyeliner

-Black eyeshadow

-Red brown eyeshadow, we used Kryolan’s cake eyeshadow in “mahogany”

-False lashes (optional)

-Black mascara

-Brushes, you will need brushes to apply the eyeshadows and liners, whichever shapes you like best, and you will need a fluffy blending brush

-Makeup sponges

-Foundation to match your skin and your choice of lip color (we used a peach creme matte lipstick)

-Water (Kryolan aquacolor is water activated)

The Princess & The Fox


Step One:

Apply your foundation as you would when starting any standard makeup look, to smooth your skin out and create a base for us to work on today.

Step Two:

Moisten your makeup sponge and tap it in the orange aquacolor. Apply the aquacolor with a sponging/dabbing motion, not dragging the sponge on the skin (as that makes lines and you’re going for a more diffuse cloud of color). Begin by applying it on the temples and up into the hair line and continue to add it to below just below the cheek bone. Use the dry orange eyeshadow to set the aquacolor and your blending brush to fade out the edges into your skin and under your eyebrow (about mid point under your eyebrow and then outwards).

Step Three:

Line the eye in black eyeliner or black aquacolor and use black eyeshadow to set the liner/aquacolor. Blend the eyeshadow out over the eyelid, the darkest part of this should be kept to the outer half of your eyelid. Add a wing of eyeliner (draw a line from the corner of your eyelid upwards as if to connect it to the outside tip of your eyebrow and stop halfway). Add your black mascara and false eyelashes!

Step Four:

Add the freckles! You don’t have to do this step if you dislike freckles but we found it really tied the look together beautifully. You’ll need a pointed brush to get the best results for this. Just moisten your brush in the water and wipe it over the dry mahogony eyeshadow, make sure to keep the point sharp on the brush as you do this (wipe on the edge of the eyeshadow container to re-point the bristles). Gently make marks with the brush on the bridge of your nose and outward onto your upper cheeks. Some dots should be larger than others, and be sure to space them almost randomly for a more realistic effect.

The Princess & The Fox

Step Five:

Set the look with setting powder (optional). Add coordinating lip color.

VOILA! Foxy!

As usual, I am not a professional makeup artist- this is a technique we did for a shoot and I’m sure there are better ways to achieve the same look. I encourage you to experiment and adapt this to your own vision! Feel free to email me questions, or post them as comments here. πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “DIY Freckled Fox Makeup Tutorial

    1. Thanks! I always feel like I am pretty ham-fisted when it comes to doing makeup on other people, I’m glad it doesn’t come across that way! πŸ˜›

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