Simple Way to Help Animals!

My kitty Goblin and a large sweet potato.

I’m a total softy for cats, especially kittens. I’m the girl at the party bothering the host’s cat instead of mingling with the human guests. Pets make a huge difference in so many peoples’ lives, including my own. I feel strongly about supporting no kill shelters that help cats and dogs and other companion animals find loving and safe homes!

Even if you can’t adopt a new friend into your life there’s an easy and *free* and way to help feel hundreds of shelter animals across the USA! We’re not even located in the USA and we do this. πŸ˜‰

My other kitty Atticus mangling his toy.

Just take 15 seconds to click the “Donate Food” button at that link once a day and it will contribute towards feeding animals across the USA. Advertisers and sponsors of the Animal Rescue site and Petfinder donate food to specific shelters across the country based on the number of clicks on this silly button.

So easy, and there- you’d done a little good today without even having to put pants on. πŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “Simple Way to Help Animals!

  1. Done! And I subscribed to the site for the daily reminder. Thanks, Taeden, for letting me know about this site.
    I too am that ‘cuddling a pet rather than mingling with people’ person! Animals are awesome.
    Your kitties are gorgeous! Goblin’s name so suits his appearance.

    1. Yay animals! I do hope the click service actually does do something, Im always so wary of online charity stuff like that but I am being hopeful in this instance! πŸ™‚

      Goblin is well suited to her name, she is the sloppiest most love-bitey cat I have ever met. Haha.

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