3 Forest Creature DIY Costume Ideas

Halloween is only days away! Today we’re posting costume ideas inspired by forest creatures and spirits using Gloomth clothing as a starting point. If you’re still looking for your ideal Halloween costume hopefully we will help inspire you. With some easy DIY tricks and simple makeup tutorials you can replicate any of these styles at home for yourself! 🙂

Winter Fawns

1. Fawn Deer Costume & Makeup: Especially popular in the lolita scene right now. We first experimented with the fawn look in 2010 in our wintery shoot above! I replicated it for my own costume in 2011 (2nd photo below).

DIY- Tiny antlers are easily found online attached to headbands or shape your own our of air dry clay.

For our fresh take on our classic fawn style we took it to a slightly creepier place! With an enormous tangly wig, and our “Odette” dress.

Makeup- For the makeup for this look we used using Kryolan’s mahogany matte eyeshadow as a base and blended it out onto the upper cheeks below the eyes and towards the temples. Black eyeshadow and black liner ringed the eyes and was blended outwards. Fake eyelashes for the doe-eyed touch! And finish with white Kryolan aquacolor (matte) fawn spots, easily applied with a moistened q-tip onto the cheeks (vary the size and shape for a realistic pattern).

Dark Forest Fawn

deer fawn makeup gloomth

2. Flower Bunnyears & Costume- This look is cheerful and cute and a little bit weird (just how we like things). It also works with just about any frilly cute outfit you have though it’s shown here with our “Waterlily” dress and “Luxy” blouse.

White Ribbon

DIY- Make your own flower bunnyears using cheap fake flowers (most dollar shops sell all sorts of these), hot glue, a headband, and plastic or cardboard. Cut the shape you’d like for the ears and attach them to the headband using hot glue. Then fill the fronts of each ear with flowers! Easy! Bonus points for making a matching flower eyepatch to match.

Makeup- We did a smokey dark eye for this with big lashes but anything cute and girly would work! Think big fake eyelashes and lots of pink blush.

The Princess & The Fox

3. Freckled Fox Ears & Costume– This look is very easy and adorable! Our model is wearing our “Waterlily” dress and “Abbey” blouse in the photos with opaque tights, and little lace gloves to mimic fox paws.

DIY- The fox ears were created using black plastic cut into the outline/frame of fox ears and attaching them to a headband with a layer of black lace stretched over them. We then painted them in a gradient of bright orange (keeping the points black) and encrusted them with tiny plastic gems in dull orange and sparkles.

Makeup- We have a complete tutorial on achieving this look here: https://gloomthzine.com/2013/08/27/diy-freckled-fox-makeup-tutorial/

The Princess & The Fox

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope to see lots of photos of your amazing costumes soon!


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