Halloween and More

This is going to be one of those topic-less posts where we just cover a bunch of things. 🙂 The featured photos are Dr.Hookz and Kuroihitomi in our Comely Belle dress and a discontinued velvet blouse and skirt!

1. Halloween Orders! If you live in North America you have ONE DAY left to place your order so that it will arrive by the 31st. Outside of North America we really can’t guarantee arrival times unless you upgrade to xpresspost. Halloween order deadline for everyone is the 20th.

2. Fan Art Conest! Entries have started to appear for this and I am so excited! I can’t wait to see what amazing stuff everyone creates. Click here for full contest info.

3. New Men’s line (and matching women’s gear), oh we are so very close to launch for this. Just a few small things left to finish and models to coordinate. I know that many of you are excited (the emails in my inbox claim so) and we haven’t forgotten about it! It IS on it’s way. Someday I’ll write a big entry about the process for creating this line and why it’s taken us so bloody long to finish.

4. Undead Army! If you haven’t signed up for Gloomth’s Undead Army (street team) now would be a great time! We’re going to be coordinating some fun Street Team stuff for the new line and would love your help promoting it. You’ll get discounts and exclusive goodies just for helping to spread the word. If you’re already a member let me know if you need more stickers/fliers, we have fresh ones!


Well, that’s really all today. Now back to packing orders like crazy!


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