On Discontinued Styles

I’m often asked about our discontinued designs and which will be coming back and why we do so many limited edition styles. We’ve had well over a hundred different designs of clothing in our catalogue as well as countless pieces back in our days of one-offs. Styles come and go on our website fairly quickly compared to other labels and we don’t create strickly by season, we’re working on new creations all the time!

Here are some of the designs that are now in the Gloomth Graveyard. 🙂

How do we decide what get’s the axe? 

Generally designs hang out for about a year before I get angsty and decide they need to be changed. Some last longer or just get slight tweaks. Others get new fabric colors or different lace or updated details etc. There’s no strict code of how I handle what stays and what goes and when.

We’re also always trying to improve our finished product so things will be changed accordingly. Our bloomers and pettipants are a great example, we originally offered them with satin ribbon ties but after much testing by our models and fans we found this method really irritating as ribbon is slippery and not always easy to thread through the hem. We even tried different brands of ribbon, but none of them were perfect. We now have little cotton ties we make ourselves with remnant fabric to tie up the bloomers/pettipants! They stay tight in their bows and have an almost vintage look to them!

Lots of our designs get similar upgrades. Our Anther dress is now on it’s second reincarnation and we think it’s better than ever!

This is the original style:

And this is the new updated version!

Why do you do limited edition or small runs of designs?

I’m a terrible romantic, I love the idea of things that are unique, special, and rare. I adore the idea that a certain piece of clothing will never encounter it’s twin. It is a little something to differentiate our stuff from other labels. Even our non-Bespoke items are changed frequently and updated year to year.

 Will you ever bring back any of your discontinued designs?

Of course! Quite often our new styles are simply updated versions of previous designs or reenvisioned takes on them. (Maybe that makes me lazy.) Many of our Bespoke styles disappear only to reappear with new fabric or details! Also, if there’s a discontinued design you loved but missed out on send me an email, we’re always happy to help someone find their dream outfit.



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