Busy October

(Taeden’s shoes in a pumpkin patch- taken this weekend)

October is my favorite month but it’s also our busiest season here at the ‘Cult. There always seems to be dozens of exciting events to sponsor and participate in, shoots to coordinate, and ten zillion things happening all at once! This October has been no exception, we are finishing the work on the new Men’s (and womens’) line so it can launch soon as well as handling our regular Halloween order influx!

We’re definitely helping Canada Post stay busy this month! Just check out this pile of boxes/packages we sent out one afternoon last week.

No, we haven’t moved into the margarine business (gothic attire and butter-flavored goop). We purchase our shipping boxes post-consumer (as in recycled) and they often have odd things printed on the sides, it’s a lot less wasteful than having new boxes made for especially for us- and the crown logo for this brand of spread is kind of cute. Heh.

Inside the clothes come hand wrapped in black tissue and tucked inside lovely black paper bags. Very Victorian mourning! All of our packaging is totally recyclable also. We may wear a lot of black but we like to be green (hahaha, bad joke).

Right now all of our outgoing mail is plastered with Halloweenie stickers which is fun. Little sparkly pumpkins and witches crowding around mailing slips. Just a little reminder of the thrill of this season. We just can’t get enough Halloween around here!


p.s. Remember you only have until the 20th to place your Halloween order (in North America). After that we can’t guarantee arrival times. 🙂

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