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The Eerie Sculpture Art of Sarah Louise Davey

I recently came across the incredible sculpture works by artist Sarah Louise Davey, she combines fantastical and eerie elements with human forms and busts in a really unique way. I thought I’d share some of my favorite pieces from her … Continue reading

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Goreblots Photoshoot!

Recently I had the opportunity to do some unique non-Gloomth-specific photos for my dear friend Doc. E. Goreblots! She’s a psychic who does custom art readings, and we wanted to create a series of photos that evoke the energy and … Continue reading

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Making of the Gloomth Cake Installation

For our recent Tea Party event I collaborated with the talented David Keyes to create a mini art installation featuring an enormous pastel cake with motorized clock parts and dancing figures on top! Part of our new event series is … Continue reading

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Gloomth Tea Party This Weekend!!!!

It’s finally happening!!!! Gloomth’s first ever Tea Party is this coming Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are madly putting the finishing touches on our art/fashion installation and other surprises for the show so the blog might be quiet for the rest of this … Continue reading

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Inspired by Georgie Malyon

(Splatter Skulls, by Georgie Malyon)  A New Zealand florist turned visual artist, Georgie Malyon‘s elaborate arrangements blend the macabre with the whimsical. I particularly loved the modern take on the Memento Mori (remember you will die) theme- using ephemeral flowers … Continue reading

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Inspired by the Art of Kazuhiro Hori

 Uniformed schoolgirls drowning in icing and fighting strange giant toys in an unsettling pale candy wonderland. Japanese artist Kazuhiro Hori is inspiring us on this grey spring day. We want to run around the world he has so realistically created and maybe … Continue reading

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