Making of the Gloomth Cake Installation

gloomth teaparty cake installationFor our recent Tea Party event I collaborated with the talented David Keyes to create a mini art installation featuring an enormous pastel cake with motorized clock parts and dancing figures on top! Part of our new event series is finding unique ways to manifest our Gloomth Universe into the regular boring world, even if it’s just for 1 night in a cafe. I documented most of the process of how we created the cake sculpture. We’ll be designing something even more elaborate for the next Tea Party!

gloomth tea party cake art installation

The “Gloomth Misfit Devil’s Food Cake” was inspired by the nostalgia for childhood birthday parties and aposematism (when a creature has garish bright colors to warn predators of its poisonous nature). It’s made of toxic ingredients! The theme for our recent Tea Party was linked to our spring line “Black Licorice” so we incorporated lots of pastels and dripping strange elements. The cake fit right in! 😉

This post has a *lot* of photos so I’ve put most of it under a cut.

gloomth tea party cake art installation

We’ll have some video of the cake in action soon too! 😀


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