Goreblots Photoshoot!

doc. e goreblots

Recently I had the opportunity to do some unique non-Gloomth-specific photos for my dear friend Doc. E. Goreblots! She’s a psychic who does custom art readings, and we wanted to create a series of photos that evoke the energy and unique quality of her work. It was such a lot of fun, and the resulting photos are really special! There are a few Gloomth clothing pieces worked into the series also.

Her work features lots of color and dark, gore-inspired themes. Which is why we worked the awesome monster glove into some of the photos.

doc. e goreblots

You can order her artwork or a custom reading on her etsy page! And every Friday she does Fortune Friday, where you choose 1 of 3 images and then get a fortune on the Friday of the week!

If you want to follow her Fortune Fridays to get a taste of her amazing and unique work she posts them on both Instagram and Facebook!

doc. e goreblots

doc. e. goreblots art psychic

You can also commission her to provide you with a specific fortune via etsy (or directly on facebook etc) or buy prints of her artwork!!!

Check out all the photos from the day here on our flickr.

doc e goreblots

Etsy- https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/Goreblots

Much thanks to Doc. for posing for my photos! I’m sure we’ll create lots more together soon!


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