Birthday Photoshoot Part 2

Here’s the second half of highlights from my shoot with Maddyvstheinternet! We had a lof of fun creating this creepy kawaii birthday party themed shoot.

In the photo above you can really see the details on the eyeball party hat and coffin cake headdress I made for the shoot! The accessories really pulled the surreal theme together.

Maddyvstheinternet wore our “Cherubs and Crosses” cotton blend sundress and our “Medicine” pink and white nurse dress for this half of the shoot! It was also my first time using sparklers in a shoot, but the box had like 50 in it so you can expect those to reappear soon in other shoots. I also replaced the party hat with an ice cream cone shaped bath sponge as a hat in some of the shots. 🙂

Here’s a quick tiktok I made with clips we shot behind the scenes during the shoot too!


Some behind the scenes at my shoot with Maddyvstheinternet! TW very fake blood. #gloomth #crybaby #fashion #pink #creepy

♬ Its My Party – Lesley Gore

I’m really enjoying playing with garish colors lately- saturated reds and neon slime greens against vibrant pinks. Maybe after two plus years of a draining pandemic I’m hungry to feel things, to be jarred a little by the art I’m making. The world feels very uncertain and grey these days so why not pour some aggressive color into it?

Check out the entire shoot on flickr!

Shop the outfits on our site!

Maddyvstheinternet on instagram!

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