Birthday Photoshoot Part 1

Last week I got to create this super fun creepy birthday themed shoot with model Maddyvstheinternet! I built a very pink set and mixed up a batch of the stickiest fake blood ever. I wanted to replicate the neon red fake blood in old Hammer Horror movies, more of an unnatural almost glowing color than a realistic blood. I mixed red posted paint, corn syrup, and a little cocoa for depth (in case you want to make your own horrifically sticky neon red goop).

We had a ton of fun with this shoot so I’ll be spreading some of my favorites out over the next few days here. You can see the whole giant set on flickr also if you’re impatient.

The set features a vintage throw blanket, some of my beveled vintage serving dishes and glasses, our neon skeleton friend, Boyfriend the bear, and tons of balloons/tassles.

I made an eyeball party hat covered in glitter as well as the coffin cake headdress Maddyvstheinternet is wearing in the shots! In these photos she’s wearing our “Blush” dress which features my artwork on the apron. 🙂

See the entire shoot here!

Maddyvstheinternet on instagram!

Shop this outfit!


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