New Maid Outfit!

I waffled about designing a “Maid” dress for ages, I’m always wary my work will just be considered costume so I try to stay a few steps away from anything that has a direct counterpart available in a bag at Party City. But I am soooo excited about this outfit and so happy with how it turned out!

I kept the design itself fairly simple so the dress can be worn in more everyday-alternative settings without the apron (you can also pair the apron with other items in your wardrobe). It’s made of soft black cotton poplin with a back zipper. The collar is sheer organza in an adorable retro shape trimmed in ruffles.

The best part? The apron has my Creepy Cake artwork on it in full unsettling detail!!!!!!!! With my skull-girl I keep drawing over and over. Are they arguing? Partying? No idea. (Please do not reproduce or use this artwork).

You can find this dress in black or pink right now on the Gloomth site!

Modeled photos coming very soon!


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