CryBaby Heart Purses

I recently posted a purse I had made for myself on instagram and the number of comments and requests to offer them for sale on the site was amazing (thank you so much)! I’ve decided to offer them as a made to order service to start with, that way I don’t have to make 20 in a row I can do them one by one and not fill my home office with bags…. 😉

Here’s how it works! You pay for the bag up front (I’d do deposits but I truly don’t want to have to pester anyone for payments), they’re one of a kind and rather than make a bunch up front I want to make each exclusive to their new owner. After purchase I’ll email you some options for trim colors and details so you can have an exclusive purse that suits your personal style! Once it’s done I’ll ship it out to you.

I am offering 4 spots for these purses to begin with. Turnaround time is approximately 1-2 months (I haven’t offered these for sale before so I am not sure how quickly I can get them done, and get additional supplies for them delivered).

2 black heart are available and 2 pink heart. $110 usd each and that includes tracked shipping in North America (additional shipping charges for overseas).

Grab yours here!

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