Halloween Despair Sale

victorian plague doctor

If you’re anything like me you’ve gone through the phases of grief about Halloween 2020 and how limited it is with covid. Toronto has experienced a huge resurgence in cases lately and my parents are both very at risk so I’ve been isolating even more than many during this time. Almost all the Halloween things I love doing have been cancelled this year, and I’ve struggled to get excited about new traditions or what’s still safe to do.

Denial- We’ll have a vaccine by Halloween for sure (she thought back in April).

Anger- All these fuckers out here doing group/studio shoots and hanging with their friends and not wearing masks are to blame! How dare they!?

Bargaining- Maaaaaybe if I set a 15minute timer on my phone and wear a super thick mask I can go paw through the Halloween aisles at the thrift shop safely? (I know this isn’t a traditional example of this stage, but it’s just for the bit so don’t @ me).

Depression- A running tally in my head of all the things I don’t get to do this year.

Acceptance- Fine then. I guess I’ll try and focus on the Halloween things I ((can)) do instead of crying over all the things I am not able to (cue sulkily eating seasonal candy and buying yet another pumpkin at the grocer’s).

So for anyone else suffering this Halloween 2020 Despair and who might want to dress up for themselves anyway here is a $20 off coupon towards any purchase on the Gloomth site over $100.

Code: Fuck2020

(Valid worldwide, and not with any other codes/certificates). No cash value, not applicable to existing orders. Expires November 4th, 2020.

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