Artist Spotlight with Alessandra Grima

Alessandra Grima is an incredible artist and performer, her work spans a variety of mediums and styles and explores themes that really resonate with me! A self proclaimed witch-bitch her style is decadent, sexy, and dark- and her humor brings it all to life. I had the privilege to do a quick email interview with her recently, when she shared these beautiful photos wearing our Ghost Queen dress!

How would you describe the kind of work you create? Your page lists you as a model, comedian, artist, tarot reader, among other things! How do you combine all these disparates to create your own world online?

My work has always been eclectic because I myself am eclectic. I grew up without role models; without celebrities or artists that looked like me. So, at some point I realized, I’ll be my own representation: fat, funny, witch-bitch. I don’t so much ‘combine’ all these parts of me to create a world, the world already exists in my life. I’ve just displayed it onto the internet. Multi-tasking and multi-identity is just my jam.

You have a beautiful gothic style how would you describe it? How do you bring that into all the mediums you like to explore?

My gothic style has two layers: Edwardian and mesh-slut. I’m obsessed with mesh! I think a huge part of my goth identity is to feel sexy. It’s the most satisfying to bring my fashion-sense into my modelling. I get to create outfits that I’ve always dreamed of wearing, and with shops like Gloomth, it becomes a reality.

How did you get interested in alternative and gothic fashion? Do you remember the first item of clothing you fell in love with?

As most 30+, plus size women know, it was Torrid! Baaaack in the day, Torrid was all gothic clothing. It was also the ONLY store that had my size. Luckily, I was an emo drama kid who wanted the Tripp pants. My first item that I fell in love with was a red and black striped shirt with buckles on the shoulder. Having completely impractical buckles on my shoulder made me realize that fashion was in the details.

We love that you promote body/sex positivity with your work! Do you think the gothic/alternative scenes are startling to welcome different bodies more than they were in the past? What are some ways people can help advance that both online and in real life?

Depends on the scene! In my early goth/emo days, I would frequent concerts and found that many-a-goth-girl was plus size. I think the goth scene also crosses over into theatre and kink scenes, which I found much body diversity. BUT, if we’re talking about fashion, my opinion differs. Larger gothic clothing lines are just now starting to use plus size models. I had to wait until I was 32 to see a plus size goth model being “normalcy”, and even then, how many of the models are visibly fat versus just having wide hips? How to help advance acceptance? Message brands if they don’t carry above xl/xxl. Demand larger options. The average American female is a size 16-18, so brands saying, “There is no market,” is a load of crap. Buy from brands that already carry 5xl+. I started an IG @fatgothcoven to give more fat goth representation. Use the hashtag #fatgothcoven ! Plus size goth babes have more options than the good ol’ band t-shirt now.  I couldn’t express my fashion when I was younger, but now with brands like Gloomth, I get to. And I won’t hold back.

Do you have advice for any younger people looking to explore alternative/gothic styles who maybe don’t feel they fit the traditional body stereotypes associated with these styles? 

I used to be you! Social media really helped me because I found people that weren’t “the norm” and saw them rocking it.  Hell, I don’t have the traditional body stereotype at all, and I don’t let it stop me. I definitely suggest following models/pages that inspire you.

What do you like to do when not creating work? Do you have hobbies or things you collect? Bands you love?

For 16 years I worked as a retail manager while doing modelling, etc on the side. I’m lucky enough to say that I left retail last June because my hobbies pay my bills. Modelling, tarot, and comedy are my hobbies and my job! I do collect tarot decks, crystals, and lingerie! lol! I play piano, love to sing, and my fave band is The Dresden Dolls. ❤

Are there upcoming projects or shows you’re involved in you’d like to tell people about? Other places we can find you online?

I am reading tarot in person the week of Halloween, but both days are sold out! Due to Covid, I do not have any other live events scheduled. My main social is IG @griminator, and my tarot page is @thepoetsgrim.

Thank you so much to Alessandra for sharing her amazing style and outlook with us! You can check out more of her work at the links below:



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