New “Licorice” Dress

Our new “Licorice” babydoll dress is now available!!!!!!

I am really excited about this dress. I have been wanting to create a sheer dress for Gloomth for a very long time and until now it felt like it didn’t really fit in with our other styles. My design policy has always been to trust my instincts and design things I wanted, rather than try to fit into narrow subculture definitions or please some specific audience- and this dress is 100% pure me. Sheer, frilly, ridiculous, and fun! I don’t know why I let silly doubts hold me back from creating it for so long.

Inspired by vintage negligee (which I collect) and the sheer 1960s dresses used as layering items over other pieces.

When I finalized the sample for this dress the feedback on it was overwhelmingly positive and it reaffirmed my dedication to “make stuff Tae likes”. The stock came last Friday and I made a girlish squealing sound when I unpacked them. It’s adorable!

I hope you like this dress and I definitely hope to create more sheer frilly pieces in future!

See it on our site here.

p.s. We will also be offering a ((very)) small number of these in bright baby pink soon, I just need to finalize photos of those.


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