2020 So Far

victorian plague doctor gothic

I don’t write any of this to rant or bitch needlessly (okay maybe a little). I find it oddly comforting to know other people are having a rough go of this year and maybe sharing some of mine will let someone else know they aren’t alone. I believe there’s some benefit in being open about real life online where hiding behind a glossed over version of reality is so prevalent.

I know 2020 has been an extremely rough year on a lot of us, I’m not yet ready to get into the personal reasons why that’s been the case for me (those stories are still unfolding)- but professionally hooooooboy.

We have a bunch of restocks, new styles, and new colorways on their way to us and I have absolutely no idea when they will be here because international shipping into Canada (it’s been fine sending orders out internationally though) is a MESS. Will they be here for our usual busy season? Will they be here by October even? Will our shop sit with so many things sold out for months? No idea. It is very frustrating.

Our made to order collections are also all over the place. Sometimes the fabric is here in our regular timeframe- sometimes it takes 2+ months. No way of predicting either.

I have held off of all in person photoshoots and events due to covid-19 being extremely dangerous to my elderly (my mom would hate I used that word to describe her) parents. I would like to see them this year so I’ve chosen to keep them safe by limiting my contact with people beyond the 3 in my “bubble” until their immediate risk is lessened or a vaccine is offered. Creating shoots and art all the time is an enormous part of my identity, and what I love about my life so it’s been very hard not doing them. The anxiety from the news and covid and other events in my life has almost nullified any creative energy I am normally brimming with.

However I am incredibly grateful Canada is so far managing this pandemic pretty well. I live in Toronto, a “hot spot”, and that’s definitely scary when I have at risk people in my immediate family. But I think/hope most people are being cautious (yes I see you on instagram running around with your friends since this began, fuck you). I can’t imagine losing a family member and seeing people not care enough to take the smallest step towards protecting others (such as wearing a mask). Even just the thought of that makes me deeply sad and angry.

I’m also grateful to so far be safe and well and able to keep working online. I’m grateful for the support of our customers and friends and fans. That I have this silly blog to complain on at all is a privilege.

Please stay safe.

p.s. I promise I’ll write happy things in the next few posts. 😉


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