Our Anti Racism Initiatives

Gloomth stands with the black community- always. Black Lives Matter. Gloomth has always tried to be as inclusive as possible as a label, as we truly believe fashion is for everyone- all bodies, all races, all genders, all of us. That the only way to create a world where all feel welcome and celebrated is to make it ourselves.

We also know that there is so much more we can be doing to help end racism and the mistreatment of black and indigenous people by law enforcement/policy.

Here are a few of the immediate actions we’re taking as a label:

-Including more people of color and indigenous models in our shoots. We have a few regular models who identify as such but it’s time we really worked to include others! Representation matters and mainstream fashion (and a lot of alt brands) have always shut out anyone who didn’t fit their narrow and white molds. Fuck that.

-Donating to various bail funds and BLM itself whenever possible. We hope to release some items to which all proceeds will be donated as soon as delays from covid are overwith.

-Sharing resources and links on our Gloomthzine blog and social media platforms in order to encourage others to do the work of ending their collusion with racism through education, conversation, action, and donating. (Blog Link)

-Interviewing more artists/creators of color for our regular Artist Spotlights on our Gloomthzine blog. Please send us your suggestions for this (email- taeden@gloomth.com) if you know (or are) someone who’d like to be featured!

The process of ending racism doesn’t end when it’s no longer trending on social media. We have all steeped in this culture our entire lives and unlearning it will mean we make mistakes (we promise to own up to ours whenever we make them). Learning is a continuous process and there will be no “finished” point until we are all truly equal.

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