New Creepy Kawaii Photoshoot!

Creepy Kawaii Clown Girl

A beautiful and strange daydream, or a glitter splattered nightmare. Our new “Creepy Kawaii” photoshoot is a riot of color and strangeness.

Creepy Kawaii Clown Girl

I had such fun styling this look and set for our new shoot with Azura Rose! I created some over the top violet makeup inspired by Jazmin Bean and then just sort of added my own twists on it (and purple freckles!).

Azura wore our “Violet Bat” dress with striped socks from Sock Dreams. She’s wearing a rhinestone spider brooch, vintage bow-tie, and a hat made from a heart shaped candy box I made a few years ago for a different shoot.

Creepy Kawaii Clown Girl in a purple and black dress. Jazmin bean makeup

You can explore the rest of this creepy kawaii shoot on our flickr!

Azura on instagram!

Shop this outfit here!


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