Winter Parlor Photoshoot Part 1

victorian girl beside a piano

I recently did a giant photoshoot in a beautiful Victorian museum home! It resulted in a ton of really lovely photos so I think I’ll post them grouped by outfit all week to stretch them out a little. It seemed a shame to omit highlights from each look!

victorian alice in wonderland

Today’s features Shayy Von wearing our “Ghost Queen” dress. Paired with simple bow heels and ribbon printed socks for a Victorian lolita vibe. The brooch she is wearing is a real Victorian mourning brooch of mine which has a portrait of an elderly woman in it.

The theme for this shoot was a winter afternoon spent in the parlor, time dripping slowly away as the snow falls outsides. The winter light coming in the lace curtained windows was so perfect and milky white, it really lent an air of dreaminess to the entire shoot.

classic lolita looking out a window of a victorian home

You can see more from this shoot on flickr!

Shop this dress here!

Shayy Von on instagram!


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