jazmin bean makeup style

New Pastel Clown Photoshoot!

kawaii creepy girl

Our first photoshoot of 2020!!!!!!!!!! One of my challenges this year is to experiment more with makeup for our shoots, it’s been a while since I’ve really delved into that side of styling our shoots and I’m excited to make some wild looks this year. Starting with this Jazmin Bean inspired style on Fine Lines!

jazmin bean makeup style

I suppose it’s more my own take on Jazmin’s iconic look than an identical copy. I also made the over-the-top pink bonnet and necklace for the shoot. You can’t even tell the headdress is mounted on cardboard (I ran out of time to go get the proper material heh). It’s full of stickers, flowers, and paper heart doilies.

I styled Fine Lines’ look with a vintage mint green peignoir, striped tights, and her own blue shirt. The skirt is new to our site and features our “Cherubs and Crosses” print!!!!

The set we shot in is actually just my bedroom. I cleared my vintage hat boxes off of the pink shelves and filled them with toys instead, and added some balloons and streamers. I never think my bedroom is particularly odd until I see it in photos and realize it’s basically the pink side of my head dumped out in a space……

misfit girl fashion

You can see the rest of this shoot on our flickr album!

Shop this look here!

Fine Lines on instagram!


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