Gothic Christmas Decorations

Every Halloween I like shopping around on various sites for home decor for Gothic aesthetics and sharing them here but I thought it’d be fun to do the same but with Christmas decor! There’s something delightful about bringing some garish Xmas color into your spooky space but today I’m focusing on finding holiday decorations with a Gothic feel already. No compromising your style for celebration needed!

It was a fun challenge to paw through sites to find the stand out spooky items this time of year, hopefully some of these will inspire your decorating regardless of how you celebrate. I stayed away from fandom related ones or the default of 50 Nightmare Before Xmas branded things because that felt too easy (also is not my wheelhouse). These are meant to be fairly accessible and widely available items (rather than artisinal). 🙂

gothic black christmas tree fake

Gothic Christmas calls for a black tree! Surprisingly Home Depot had a whole bunch of black Xmas tress including this 4 foot tall one for only $31 (linky for shoppy). Whole list of black trees available at Home Depot here.

It’s fairly simple to find black/red/silver packages of glass or plastic baubles to festoon your tree. Here are some ornaments to add some gothy details:

Black Electroplated Gems- You get 12 of these in the package (from Target) and they have an excellent gothic-witch holiday vibe. I’d love to see them on a tree filled with white lights and black/clear baubles. Minimalist and elegant!
gothic christmas ornaments black gems

Glitter Skull- Maaaaybe it’s meant for Día de Muertos but if that’s your scene then sprinkle some of that beautiful tradition into your tree with this lovely ornament (target again!).

gothic skull xmas ornament

Dark Garland- This deep purple garland would be great around your home or on the tree! Found it on Bed Bath and Beyond!

gothic christmas garland


Phantom Reindeer– Maybe your holiday calls for some taxidermy? This ghostly reindeer head (no actual reindeer were harmed in its plush creation) would make a really excellent holiday decor focal point. Put him on the wall with some white/black candles clustered nearby and some tiny white lights for a haunted holiday vibe. Available from the consistently fancy Grandin Road.

gothic christmas reindeer taxidermy

Black Deer- Maybe a plush reindeer isn’t your jam, so to match your oil slick ornaments above you could grab these electroplated deer head decorations from Home Depot!

oil slick deer head antler gothic christmas decor

Black Cat Xmas Pillow- A Halloween black cat towering over a tree. This cute pillow would be a nice addition to your couch for the holidays! From Grandin Road.

black cat gothic christmas pillow

Black Merry Christmas Pillow- Add some seasonal pillows that won’t clash with your dark style. This simple black pillow from Pier One is really cute and perfectly seasonal.

black christmas pillow gothic

Happy Holidays!


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