57 Shoots in 2019!

grunge valentine girl

I completed a grand total of 57 photoshoots for Gloomth in 2019!!! My goal going into the year was to shoot once per week and I’m pretty excited I managed to do even better than that. Some weeks I shot several times if the weather was agreeable, and in December I haven’t shot a single one. I really wanted to level up my photography skills, and really the only way to do that is by taking lots and lots of different photos.

The first photoshoot of 2019 was a grunge Valentines themed one with Em, CheshireCat, Em, Cindy M. Yu, and Angel.

valentine photoshoot editorial lolita grunge fashion gloomth

My 2020 goals for my shoots are to really focus on more creative styling and get back to creating more weird/unique makeup for shoots. I’d like to aim to shoot once per week again at a minimum and practice shooting indoors to improve my lower-light work. I’m hoping to host 2 Photoshoot Parties in 2020 as well, since I really didn’t focus on those in 2019 at all and I miss them. We’ll see if I achieve all or any of these goals next December. 😉

valentine themed outfit gloomth

valentine themed gothic nurse outfit

You can see all of my photo albums for Gloomth up on flickr! 

I can’t possibly express how grateful I am for all of the models who’ve participated in my shoots this year (and really, ever). Thank you for being a part of my weird little world!


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