ghost bride halloween lolita

Ghost Queen Photoshoot

ghost bride halloween lolita

“Eternal process moving on, From state to state the spirit walks; And these are but the shatter’d stalks, Or ruin’d chrysalis of one.

Nor blame I Death, because he bare. The use of virtue out of earth: I know transplanted human worth. Will bloom to profit, otherwhere.”


One of my favorite shoots of this fall was this “Ghost Queen” shoot with Paige Marina! It’s full of haunting Halloween inspiration and came together on one of those clear autumn nights where the light seems spun from gold.

ghost queen costume

Paige is wearing our limited edition Sacrament dress in white with a vintage veil and a silver glitter skeleton pinned to it! We kept the outfit black/white/silver for a glamorous feel.

There are tons more photos from this series over on the flickr album so please do take a look if you enjoyed these few! 🙂

Paige’s instagram.

Shop this look!


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