New Pink Bunny Photoshoot!

colorful alternative style on an older woman

Showcasing our designs on as many varieties of bodies and ages as possible has long been a goal with the shoots I do. I don’t believe fashion should be limited by arbitrary rules (like which sizes, ages, and genders can wear which styles/items), especially alternative styles. When you’re already bucking the norm to dress how you want to- why let those same stupid rules apply? Anyone can embrace their unique, strange aesthetic- and should! The world is a better and more colorful place when everyone is having fun and feels safe to explore.

kawaii style toronto

When my friend Kim volunteered to model I jumped at the chance to collaborate with her! Her personal style is lively and eclectic and she is absolutely inspiring. She also made the terrifying dolls in the shoot as well as her fluffy pink bunny hat!

vintage toy print dress

older woman in kawaii fashion

Kim is wearing our “Vintage Toys” print dress over a light petticoat and paired with a pastel mint green vintage peignoir.

older woman colorful unique fashion

You can check out the rest of this fun colorful shoot over on our flickr album!

Thank you to Kim for modeling for me!

Shop the outfit here!




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