Limited Edition Bat Doll Outfit Packs!

bat themed gothic dress

We are doing something a little different with the pre-orders for our Bat Doll dress!!!!!!! This dress will not ship until approximately the start of October so we want to offer our fans and friends something extra special if they choose to invest in one of these in advance. Pre-orders also allow us to invest in stock of this design, so by ordering yours ahead of the season you also help us move forward on expanding our collection!

Bat Doll Outfit Packs!!!!!!

Not only do you get the Bat Doll dress in any sizes (S-5XL) you can also choose a custom color! These color options will >ONLY< be for the 11 pre-order slots we have for this dress. When it is released later this year we’ll only be offering black and 1 other colorway, so yours might be truly one of a kind!

Each Bat Doll dress comes with black sheer sleeves, black bat shaped apron detail, black lacing and collar ruffles and bows. For the pre orders we’re also offering them (instead of the black cotton) with your choice of Lavender, Deep Purple, Dove Grey, or Blood Red!!!!!!!!!! (if you’d like a color not listed there just let us know, there are a myriad of solid colors available).

Your Bat Doll Outfit Pack comes with everything you need to create a perfect bat-witch inspired  ensemble! Or mix and match the items with existing pieces in your wardrobe!

gothic mad hatter wonderland


-1 dress in choice of size and exclusive color (or black), sizes S-5XL. These dresses are 4-8″ (depending on size) longer than the sample photos show. Color choices include black, lavender, blood red, deep purple, dove grey (if you’d like it in a color not listed please email me as we may be able to do that too).

-1 pair of our “Gothic Crucifix” tights or leggings (choice of size and whether you want leggings or tights). These sell for $48+ on the site alone! If you would prefer a different print we offer that’s fine too.

-1 black faux wool slouchy witch hat with a black velvet bow and black metal bat charm attached! These will fit just about any size of head since the wool is pretty forgiving. As shown in this shoot!

-1 $25 gift certificate towards any future purchase on our website (not valid on the Outfit Pack or other pre-order items, no cash value etc.)

-1 adjustable fake leather bat themed choker in black (or red if supplies of our black ones run out). These look great worn as sock garters also!

-1 Taeden Hall illustrated Halloween greeting card (blank inside)!

lolita witch

*We are only offering ELEVEN of these packages! That’s it. Once they’ve sold out we won’t be offering this dress til the stock arrives.

*Only for sale til August 10th, 2019 (or until they sell out).

gothic mad hatter

These dresses will sell for $180 each on the site when they launch so for $205 you’re getting an entire outfit plus $25 off a future order!!! The total value of each pack is approximately $285!

We only have 11 of these Outfit Lucky Packs available so grab yours while you can! The package will ship as soon as we have the dresses in stock (October from the looks of it, though likely far sooner- such are the joys of manufacturing).

Grab yours here!


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