japanese street fashion toronto (4)

New Street Style Photoshoot

japanese street fashion toronto (5)

The city is a constant source of inspiration. It’s constantly changing and shifting, streets filling and emptying. A dazzling thrum of languages and colors and people of all kinds. Lately I’ve been enjoying experimenting with street fashion style photos, showing our clothes in every day settings.

japanese street fashion toronto

Autumn and I headed to Chinatown to create these street-fashion inspired photos! We actually have three different sets from this day so I’ll share them as three blogs this week rather than lump them all together into once, they’re all quite different after all.

We shot down alleyways and along the busy market streets. The light was gorgeous and I ended up taking hundreds of photos that day! The gallery below has some highlights:

Autumn is wearing our “Tombstone” jsk with her own blouse and bloomers, I love mixing our models’ personal styles into the looks for our shoots. I think it gives a fresh perspective on styling our items past my own ideas of how they ought to be worn.

lolita fashion toronto

You can see more photos from this shoot on our flickr album!

Shop the look here!

Autumn’s instagram!


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