feather hat victorian era

Victorian Girls Fashions

feather hat victorian era

The Victorian era officially ended with Queen Victoria’s death in 1901, so most of the photos in this post date from just before that or slightly afterwards. I thought it would be interesting to look at some of the fashion for young women and girls in the late Victorian era. I’m continuously inspired by historical styles and love imaging the lives of the people in these portraits.

Above is a wedding portrait featuring an elaborate feathered hat and a beautiful lace neckline. This ensemble is definitely more Edwardian than Victorian. It wasn’t dated so I couldn’t be 100% sure.

girl with raven 1910 Reuben Sallows

The above photograph is part of a series of children posed with animals. It’s by Reuben R. Sallows and is from 1910. It’s called “Girl with Raven”. I love her large crepe bow, and though you can’t really make out her dress in the photo it was just such a unique shot I had to include it.

victorian girl in white communion dress

Above is a young girl in a white communion dress, complete with cross necklace! I love these old studio portraits, they seem so formal and elegant.

victorian teen girl

victorian girls

The portraits above and below are from about 1896-1899, the ones with the grey backdrops are school portraits. I loved the two sisters posing together above and the comically enormous sleeves on the dress below.

victorian child with enormous sleeves

victorian girl in black dress

victorian child 1899

Upper and middle class Victorian children wore variations of adults’ clothing with shorter hem-lines and more durable fabrics, which you can see in the photos above. The enormous sleeves in the top photo were very popular in the 1890s.


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