10 More Facts About Gloomth Designer Taeden Hall

taeden hall

In 2016 I did a self-interview with “10 Facts About” for the blog and it recently surfaced, I thought it’d be fun to revisit that and maybe add some new ones. 2016 seems like a lifetime ago but really three years isn’t that long. πŸ˜‰

#1- Still haven’t read or seen any Harry Potter anything. Though I have used tumblr so I know it like I know the Godfather (which I have also not read/seen)- I recognize when a reference is from either but couldn’t describe the scene or story in which it takes place.

#2- These days my daily style vacillates between tacky bingo-attending granny or tattered assorted-vintage-era doll monster. Not a whole lot in between. I love lace, old millinery flowers, plaid kilts of all kinds, and aggressive color mixing.

#3- I still have two kitties, Atticus and Goblin! Though I have a nearly empty aquarium currently (must go fish shopping, I’ve been slowly preparing it to get fancy goldfish).

taeden hall gloomth designer toronto

#4- These days I do about 99% of the Gloomth photoshoots myself as a the photographer! It’s exciting to see how far my work has come since I began shooting for the label. I really love photography and it’s a challenge coming up with new concepts, locations, and themes every week.

#5- I am 35 currently, I’ll be 36 in November. Inching ever closer to the landmark of 40. All the women I know in their 40s are the coolest most self-assured folks I have in my life, so I’m hoping all their wisdom, chill, and ferocity will be bestowed upon me on my 40th birthday.

#6- I find myself reading less and less actual paper books these days. I consume a lot of articles, academic papers, and news stuff online but far fewer books than I have ever before. Haven’t decided if this is a bad habit or just how things work now.

#7- I often joke I’ll be the vintage re-seller granny working the flea market circuit in my retirement, but this feels pretty inevitable. I am a veritable encyclopedia of vintage crap (mostly fashion and decor) and I love flea markets. It’s not like I’ll ever fully be able to retire in the traditional sense anyway! πŸ˜›

#8- Two of my goals for 2019 are to make more videos/films for Gloomth and to do at least four large scale shoots with heavily detailed set designs, and to be more personally active on our social media platforms.

#9- I collect creepy vintage toys and dolls. I have been trying to pare down my collection to just my favorite ones since it’s becoming overwhelming- but it’s just so difficult!

#10- On a day off I like to wander thrift stores or vintage shops, there’s a really nice bakery near me that has possibly the best cookies in the world- a big cookie and a big coffee and then some thrifting. I also love exploring old towns or abandoned buildings.


You can add my personal page on facebook if you want! I try to post there every day and I do respond to messages and comments etc. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “10 More Facts About Gloomth Designer Taeden Hall

  1. “It recently surfaced” hehe, that’s so cute! πŸ™‚
    So interesting to read a follow up. I’ve also been a longtime Harry Potter refusenik, until last autumn, when I decided to finally watch all the movies. I can highly recommend them, they’re even worth watching just for the incredibly beautiful costumes.

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