gothic alice in wonderland editorial

Gloomth’s Alice in Wonderland

goth alice in wonderland editorial

Since I began Gloomth in 2007 people have suggested I coordinate an “Alice in Wonderland” themed photoshoot, something about our frilly dresses or the strange world we create evokes memories of Wonderland in folks. I long circled around the idea, making Gloomth Girl CheshireCat into the White Rabbit in a 2009 shoot once (below) and playing with the growth-spurt Alice themes in a 2013 shoot (above).

harajuku alice in wonderland

I love narratives and taking familiar imagery and stories and bending them, portraying them in new ways, or challenging the viewer to seek it out within the image. Also I hate doing what I’m told so, you know- there’s that. 😉

gothic alice in wonderland editorial

Recently I caved in to peer pressure and coordinated a huge Alice in Wonderland themed shoot with multiple models and an entire tea party themed set design! I’m going to showcase pieces of that shoot here this week with some background on the characters and how I styled each.

gothic wonderland photoshoot

gothic alice in wonderland photoshoot

gothic alice wonderland tea party

So welcome to Alice in Wonderland week! Hopefully you won’t get super sick of this photoshoot by the end of it.


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