Making Dolls in 1956

doll making 1950s

I found these photos of a doll factory operating in the 1950s in Canada and thought they were fascinating! I especially like the above photo of the girl painting in a room full of doll heads, just hanging there on their various pegs.

Below a woman carefully assembles doll eyes from a bin full of their parts. You can see the bands of lashes framing each eye piece!

assembling doll eyes 1956

doll making in 1950s

These photos were shot for a newspaper article on the manufacturer in 1956. It’s incredible to see the details and process behind creating these dolls.

Below a worker attaches the hair to the doll’s head with a piece of machinery.

doll making 1950s vintage

doll making 1956

And above is the finished product with a customer!

Happy Friday! I hope you’re enjoying these little vintage photo essays, I love exploring historical archives and sharing the weird or unique bits I find.


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