crucifix print tights or leggings (1)

Gothic Cross Tights Worn 2 Ways

gothic cross tights

In our recent “Burgundy” photoshoot with Gloomth Girl Giggles I wanted to show our new “Gothic Crucifix” tights/leggings in two different types of outfits. One a bit more formal/lolita inspired and another more casual/Gothic. These tights work great in a variety of styles! They’ve got loads of lush details and bits of color that can be pulled from when coordinating looks around them.

crucifix print leggings or tights

I kept the accessories and shoes the same for both looks for the most part, spikes and silver details and layered black beaded necklaces- to give them a consistent traditional gothic feel.

For her lolita-inspired look we used our black velvet “October” dress (available on our site in sizes S-5XL), paired with the tights it looks classic and dreamy!

gothic cross tights lolita

crucifix print tights or leggings (1)

For the second look Giggles wore a vintage long jacket with a big silver cuff for a more casual gothic style.

Our “Gothic Crucifix” tights are also available as leggings and in sizes XS-5XL on the Gloomth website. The fabric is 4 way stretch and the leggings version is slightly thicker than the tights.

You can see the entire photoshoot on flickr!

Shop the Look!


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