New “Victorian Vampire” Photoshoot

victorian vampire claudia gloomth

“Goodnight sweet prince, may flights of devils wing you to your rest.”claudia vampire photoshoot editorial gloomth

For this captivating shoot my inspiration was the vampire child Claudia from “The Vampire Chronicles“. Full disclosure, I am not much of an Anne Rice fan (sorry Anne) personally, but in my isolated rural youth it was some of the only very-gothy-very-fangy content I could get my paws on so I devoured her work then. This shoot envisions Claudia as a bit older, still milky pale and unpredictable, still playing with her dolls.

victorian vampire claudia cat gloomth

victorian vampire claudia gloomth

Gloomth Girl Azura Rose transformed into a fanged and fearsome vampire girl for this eerie series (accompanied by Atticus, cats love vampires- of course).

Azura is wearing our “Ghost Queen” dress! Available on our site in this dove grey or in solid black, in sizes S-5XL!

victorian vampire mourning dress grey gloomthvictorian vampire mourning dress grey gloomth

There are a ton more photos from this day on our flickr album!

Thanks to Azura for modeling for this shoot!!!


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