Cool Things Friday

I’m going to try this new thing where every Friday I post a few of the most fascinating things I saw online or wherever this week. Just a round up of beautiful, strange, or amazing things to remind us all that there’s life outside of our immediate setting, beyond the noise.

Video of a sawfish in the wild in Florida. Sawfish are actually their own species, close to rays, and some kinds can grow up to 25 feet long. Their devilish looking saw rostrum is used to sift through sediment for things to eat and for defending itself. The rostrum also allows them to sense electrical signals emitted by their prey in sediment, it acts as one long sensor they can poke around with. Early myths about these fish had them using their saws to cut chunks out of whales for food…which obviously isn’t happening.


cradle roll 1940s church canada

The beautiful artwork on this 1940s Cradle Roll certificate. Cradle rolls were used to keep track of infants born in a church community. I just loved the colors in this artwork so much!


odd fellows memebership certificate 1911 toronto canada

odd fellows memebership certificate 1911 toronto canada odd fellows memebership certificate 1911 toronto canada

I encountered this 1911 Odd Fellows membership certificate recently, the illustrations on it are packed with symbols and myths associated with the group.

What amazing things did you see this week? 


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