“Valentines” Photoshoot Part 2

valentine photoshoot editorial lolita grunge fashion gloomth

Here’s the second half of the highlights from our first shoot of 2019! I created a vintage Valentines themed over the top set for the models to pose with, filled with red light and paper heart doilies, I think it captures the tacky-holiday aesthetic really well!

valentine themed lolita outfit gloomth

valentine themed outfit gloomth

Our models CheshireCat, Angel, Cindy M Yu, and Em brought the shoot to life! They wore our Nurse dresses in all four colorways and our “Cherubs and Crosses” print dress.

valentine themed gothic nurse outfit

valentine themed outfit gloomthvalentine themed outfit gloomth

I kept the individual styling on this shoot fairly light since the backdrop is so detail heavy. I used vintage dolls as hats, thrift store buttons, a red quilted heart pocket, and a string of heart shaped lights to create the looks in this shoot. Keeping the focus on our Nurse dresses!

valentine themed gothic nurse outfit

You can check out the entire set on flickr!

Shop our Nurse dresses on the website!

Thank you to our models!!!!!! We’ll be back to posting new photosets nearly every week now that the ball is rolling again.


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