Revisiting Some Old Gloomth Shoots

gothic bohemian photoshoot gloomth

It’s 2019 and we have been creating different shoots for Gloomth since 2007. Hundreds of shoots, thousands of photos, so many models, and countless concepts and themes. Some ideas get revisited time and again and some were left as one-offs. Here’s a look back at three unique Gloomth shoots from the past with concepts we haven’t really touched on again.

gothic bohemian fashion style gloomth toronto

Folk Art- Gothic bohemian packed with textures and details and oddities. This was the first “floor” shoot I art directed I think. Russel Hall was the photographer and the models are Vamp and Annie Ng. See more from this series on flickr.

punk harajuku fashion style toronto gloomth

Punky- This was part of a larger shoot day with photographer ViperEscueta and model CheshireCat. I had a lot of fun styling the looks for this shoot, including this punky weird style Cheshire is wearing with our old Union Jack dress and some busted glasses I found in the park. More from this series here!

gloomth fashion toronto canada

Alternative Dreams- I don’t really like styling “normal” variations of our looks. It’s much more challenging to experiment or push boundaries than to find ways to make the “weird” stuff I design appeal to a broader audience. Over time I’ve just abandoned any efforts to neutralize our style to appeal more widely, folks either dig our weirdness or they don’t. You can see my attempts at making our designs seem less “far out” in this old shoot with model Vorm Van Aimee and photographer Valter Mendes (and my weirdness still crept in a fair amount in the styling). A few more from the day on flickr.

Thank you to all of the models and photographers who’ve collaborated with me over the years! I have learned so much and continue to develop with every new shoot or concept I tackle. Let’s make amazing, spooky art this year together! 🙂


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