New “Joan of Arc” Photoshoot!

joan of arc photoshoot gothic lolita gloomth

Sometimes a concept comes together into something so magical it inspires you for days after! I’ve been dying to create a Joan of Arc themed shoot for ages and finally had all the items and a great team come together to make that happen!

joan of arc outfit gloomth photoshoot halloween

joan of arc photoshoot outfit costume gloomth

Gloomth Girl Poppy transformed into the fierce and fascinating Joan of Arc for this photoshoot! I kept her makeup very simple since Joan was about 19 years old when she died, rosy peach cheeks, thick lashes, and a flush of color to her lips. Krystal created a crown of braids and used a bit of clipped real ivy from my window garden to accent it. We left the rest of her hair loose and wild as if she had just finished battle.

joan of arc outfit gloomth photoshoot halloween

joan of arc outfit gloomth photoshoot halloween

We shot the entire series at dusk in one of my favorite spots just outside of Toronto, it was fairly busy with people but we managed to find some gorgeous backdrops away from the crowds. The sword and dagger I borrowed from a friend (Thank you D)! The gauntlet is one of my own props, which has appeared in quite a few Gloomth shoots.

Poppy wore our “October” dress paired with a big brass crucifix I bought at the flea market!

joan of arc outfit gloomth photoshoot halloween

My brother also shot at this shoot so we have a whole second heap of photos to share as well! I will save some history on Joan of Arc and her inspiration toward my work and Gloomth for when we share those photos later this week.

joan of arc outfit gloomth photoshoot halloween

Poppy is wearing our “October” dress which is available on our site in sizes S-5XL and we have a red version of it coming shortly also.

My photos from this day are now on flickr, you can see them all there!!!

Thank you to Poppy and Krystal and my brother for making this shoot come together so magically!


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