New “Gothic City” Photoshoot!

gothic outfit with purevile necklace and gloomth dress

I spent the long weekend working on photoshoots or editing photos from said photoshoots, which honestly was so much fun! This shoot with Mistress McCutchan was an absolute delight. It’s so great when you can make art with your friends!

gothic corset valance dress toronto editorial photographer taeden hall

We shot on the deserted roof of a parking garage I sweet talked a security guard into letting us up on. He made us promise we wouldn’t “jump off” (it’s like 1 story, I don’t think we’d have died if we had, but sure).

gothic valance corset dress toronto gloomth

gothic fashion toronto designer taeden hall gloomth

The resulting photos are spectacular! The view of the city out beyond us, the pale dusk light, and our model’s awesome styling.

We also got to include this stunning stained glass necklace by Purevile! One of my favorite accessory designers, and someone we hope to collaborate with again on a future shoot.

gothic fashion graffiti backdrop taeden hall photographer

gothic model against a colorful graffiti wall background toronto

We also shot down some side streets which were full of awesome graffiti! Makes for a super contrast against the black of our “Valance” dress.

Our “Valance” dress is now in stock and ready to ship!!!!!!!! We have sizes XS-5XL available but quantities are limited. We won’t be ordering it in black next time so be sure to grab your gothy version now if that’s your vibe.

gloomth valance dress and purevile necklace

We had such fun creating these photos and I think it shines through in them!

You can see the entire series on our flickr album!

Thank you to Mistress McCutchan for modeling for me once again. 🙂


Purevile’s work-

Mistress McCutchan’s bellydance group-

Mistress McCutchan’s music podcast-

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