Gloomth Evolution

taeden hall toronto artist designer

As you may know 2017 was rough for us, family illnesses, delays, supplier hassles. We worked extra hard to manage our ever growing audience (thank you so much!!!!!) but as a smaller family run (by misfits) brand you can’t always be ready for the unplanned emergencies that inevitably happen. Gloomth has grown to the point where it has gotten difficult for me to have the hours to spend on the things that are the most inspiring for the label, but not quite large enough to hire more folks to do all of the less fun aspects like admin, production and such like (also I am a scary control freak).

So I had to make some choices.

In 2017 we announced our current production manager of nearly ten years would be retiring; after some health scares in her own family it was time for her to focus on her loved ones. We’re so sad to see her go, but we’ll always be family—weirdly united by this strange world we’ve built together. With her leaving our production space closes also. In preparation I interviewed replacements, I thought about opening another studio of our own, I weighed so many options in that regard— all seemed to just not be right for what I wanted for myself and for the future of Gloomth. I wanted to get back to the core of what and why I love doing what I do so much. Gloomth is the thing that drives me, I’ve built my life around this label, we’re no longer some scruffy teenager picking fights and getting into trouble, we are almost an adult now and it’s time for a huge a change:

It’s 100% official! GLOOMTH IS GOING INTO PRODUCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starting soon Gloomth is going to be manufacturing our designs in lots, as in everything we carry will ship *FROM STOCK*. No waiting for production, no delays. We’ll be able to ship orders within 24 hours, meaning you get your clothes faster and we can spend more time doing the things we love like creating shoots, making tutorials, crafting accessories, throwing events, having workshops and all the things that make helming this misfit Gloomth Universe the most favorite part of my life.

And along with a faster turn around time I should mention we will be expanding our basic size range to include more standard plus sizes, our fabrics will be improving, and so much more! I will go into detail closer to the launch date.

What it means for now is that our regular big collection of designs is not available- our shop looks super sparse right now- but we’re working hard behind the scenes on HEAPS of cool stuff to share soon!

In order to be able to go with a manufacturer we’ve had to cut our collection down significantly to start with (we’ll be expanding the range as we grow accustomed to the new process and as sales allow).

(Thank you for supporting us, encouraging us, and inspiring us. I hope you’ll stick with us through this new evolution because we have some very big things in store!)

Also I’m happy to try and answer any reasonable questions about this process and the upcoming changes! Feel free to email me or comment below with your questions.


2 thoughts on “Gloomth Evolution

  1. happy to see the new stuff and the new look. sad I missed out on ordering custom sized/made stuff from the old shop. will gloomth offer larger sizes again in the future? I love your work so much! so beautiful and from a world all its own, very much love! cant wait to see what comes next.

    1. Thank you!

      Our new collection is available in an expanded size range up to about a 50″ bust! We’re also going to be offering super limited edition runs of custom sized pieces soon also.

      I am so thrilled you like our work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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