Gloomth x Fruits Magazine the end

kawaii raver clown onesie gloomth toronto

Gloomth is thrilled to announce we will be part of the “Fruits Magazine the end” gallery show in Toronto! The show is free to attend and we’ll be there in person on two different evenings and we’d love to meet you.

Gloomth will have a window installation throughout the show right there in Kensington Market. See a little piece of our world in person until January 28th! Kensington Market is a vibrant, creative hub of our city and we’re so excited to have a little part of ourselves there during this exhibit.

“FRUITS magazine highlighted the creative expression of disenfranchised, rebellious youths that display their ideologies, affiliations and identities through their clothes. A celebration of liberation and creativity. Which later was to become the Harajuku style. Introducing the world to Harajuku’s street culture.

In 2017, Shoichi Aoki announced that he would be shutting down all his magazines FRUITS, STREET and TUNE. Due to the rise of disposable fashion and chains of retailers such as UNIQLO, H&M etc. combined with economical conditions, resulted in the decline of creativity and inspiration seen on the streets globally. 

Shoichi Aoki has captured the many styles that pass on the streets of Tokyo for the last twenty years. His photographs document the evolution of Tokyo street fashion, and his images have been published in the book FRUITS (2001 PHADION) which sent shockwaves around the globe!

As Aoki says, “My interest in fashion stems from the way people express themselves through the clothes they wear. It doesn’t matter what kind of clothes individual designers make. What is important is one’s thoughts and abilities to express them, one’s life and its relationship to the environment. When such elements are combined, they create a sculpture. This sculpture I call street fashion.”

This Friday January 19th the opening reception happens. Taeden, Hexcelle, and Karen will be there representing Gloomth and being our regular spectacle selves so please come say hi.

We’ll also be present at the closing party on January 26th! More details on that soon!

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