One of a Kind and Sample Sale

meryle trouble gloomth toronto

As part of our 10th Anniversary celebration we threw a big party this past weekend and had a bunch of designer samples and one off’s for sale at super discounted prices! I know not all of our fans could make it out to the Toronto event so we’re putting the rest of these items up for sale here (anything that doesn’t sell will get listed on etsy eventually at higher prices).

So if you see something below you’d like send us an email at First to pay gets the item! Shipping is $10 flat rate worldwide ($2 for each additional item). Prices here are listed in USD. All of these items are in stock ready to ship.

All of these items are either discontinued samples or one off’s so they’re only available in the sizes listed there. 🙂

scary clown print dress by gloomth

XL- Sleeveless Clown Dress Sample- Just like our usual clown print dress but a sleeveless version. $45

gloomth and alchemy of england rooftop

Small- Seance Dress- Original sample for this dress, fits a 34″ bust and 26-28″ waist. $50 SOLD

Large- Halloween print dress. Just as shown but size large. $45

gothic fashion gloomth

Small/Medium- Lucy dress one off, has the velvet front lacing but has satin ribbon details at the sleeves instead of velvet. Same length as shown. Never worn. Fits a bust up to 37″. $50. SOLD

retro space scifi photoshoot editorial space-helmet

Small/medium- Heart romper. Original sample, exactly as shown above. Fits a bust of 34-36″, waist up to 28″. $65

Medium- Clown skirt, has an elastic waist that will fit up to 35″ (hips up to 38″). Never worn, not going to be selling this style on the site. $38

Large- Halloween skater style skirt, again not a style we’re going to be selling so this is one of a kind. Fits a waist of up to 38″, hips up to 41″. $38 SOLD OUT

Small- Medical skater style skirt. Again, not gonna be selling this style. Fits a waist up to 28-30″, hips up to 36″. $38 SOLD

If you would like any of these items please let us know and we’ll send you an invoice via paypal you can pay by credit card or by paypal. 🙂


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