GLOOMTH BOOK! “10 Years of Monsters & Misfits”

gloomth book 10 years monsters misfits taeden hall toronto

WE WROTE A BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This project has been underway for basically all of 2017. It’s Gloomth’s 10th anniversary this year and when I started making stuff and selling it online originally I had no idea it’d blossom into this. It’s taken over my life in all the best ways and I am so thrilled to get to continue on making weird art and sharing it with other weirdos around the world. 🙂

So we wrote a book. It’s sort of a scrap book. I wrote a backbone of text for it with stories about how we started, funny mishaps, stuff that went wrong, etc- basically all the ups and downs of running a business on a shoestring as a 20-something. Behind the scenes memories from photoshoots and press experiences, everything.

And it’s got this cool collage style layout full of unique photos, artwork, textures and more! We even have art by our models and friends in there.

It’s a great way to celebrate our anniversary and to acknowledge everything that’s gone into making this happen. Thank you for supporting us, for even just sharing our photos or reading our blog. We hope you love this book and we can’t wait to make more art!!!!!

And thank you to the House of Pomegranates for helping me turn my weird idea for a collage book into a reality. I’ve got more of these in the works, so it was a great first step towards making those real!!!

I’ll post some photos of the inside of the book after we launch it at our PARTY THIS WEEKEND (you’re totally invited, fyi)!

Available worldwide via Amazon!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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