We Do Not Have a Talent Scout

Someone messaged me (thank you!) letting me know some dude on facebook is claiming to be our “talent scout” on there.


We have never ever had a talent scout. I handle casting for our shoots personally, myself, no one else does it– ever. No one. That is never ever going to change. Only me.

Anyone who tells you they work for us in a scouting capacity is lying. You’re always welcome to confirm this by emailing me directly. It’s vital to me that the label and our shoots and events provide a safe place- free of predators- for our audience, models, and friends as the world can be pretty fucked up and evil outside of it. No one deserves to be manipulated and lied to.

It makes me physically sick that someone would use my label to try and prey on women, which is the only reason I can see why he’d do this. We aren’t even in the same country. He is not affiliated with me or Gloomth, I do not know this person and never have and he doesn’t own the label I’ve built for 10 years but it’s pretty funny to imagine. 😉



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