10th Anniversary Fan Art Contest Winners!

alchemy of england timepiece gloomth

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted art work to our Fan Art Contest! We’re so inspired by all of the pieces that were sent to us (you can see the whole album on facebook).

Without further ado here are the winners of this contest! We’ll be reaching out to them via email directly as well. 🙂

FIRST PRIZE: Kajsa’s gorgeous art piece! She had the most likes and interactions on her artwork! Her work will be included in the Gloomth compendium book and she gets a $100 gift certificate towards anything on our site.

SECOND PRIZE: Jelynneart’s gorgeous drawing from our medical shoot! We just loved how evocative and detailed this piece was! As chosen by the Gloomth team. She gets a $75 gift certificate towards our website. 🙂 Technically this piece got the 2nd most likes/interactions also but we liked it oh-so-much!!!!

THIRD PRIZE: Karis’ mermaid queen inspired drawing! Technically the 3rd most likes but the 2nd most won Gloomth choice so we mixed it up a little bitty bit. She gets a $25 gift certificate towards our site!



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