1950s Canadian Summer Fashion and Life

1950s bathing suit canada

Gloomth is not synonymous with 1950s style but we do take inspiration from a variety of eras when designing! I found these photos while rummaging through the Canadian National Archives recently (wow that makes me sound super boring) and thought they were really lovely. The also capture the perfect Summer Mood I think!

They’re all from the 1950s in Canada. 🙂

1952 canada fashion

1956 canada family on picnic

This antler-reading-nook lady is so my patron saint. Just hanging out reading the paper among an array of scary looking moose and deer antlers…..Even her bench has antlers!

older woman reading the paper 1956 canada surrounded in antlers

1956 canada parade float

This parade float is absolutely dreamy. What I like best about the photos I find from the 1950s are the pastel hues that are so garish they’re almost revolting. Everything is frosted seeming.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! 🙂


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