Victorian Canadian Fashion Inspiration

canadian victorian woman in black jacket

I love looking at historical photos, especially family/casual ones where you can really get a sense of the every day lives of people who lived long ago- or photos where people are dressed up! Recently I spent way more time than I ought to admit looking through the Canadian archives for old fashion inspiration. I thought I’d share some of the historical fashion related images since these styles often inspire what I design for Gloomth!!!

victorian nurses in canada 1902

1890 victorian fashion canada

Most of the images I’ve included are from between 1880-1902 so right in the thick of the Victorian era. This time was a very exciting era for Canada as we were quickly becoming a sovereign state and not a British colony. Rebellions, forming of political parties, and the development of our original Criminal Code all happened during this time.

1899 fashion victorian antique canada

1890s photo

Below is Lady Aberdeen (right) who was the founder of the National Council of Women of Canada as well as the founder of the Victorian Order of Nurses in Canada.

lady aberdeen canada victorian

victorian womens fashion canada 1890s

2017 marks Canada’s official 150th birthday, we are basically a baby country compared to many European nations. I own furniture that is older than the country I live in……

victorian woman in 1902 black hat canada

victorian woman in feather hat and fur collar coat 1902 canada

The darling heart on this young lady’s collar below is so charming (below). I love thinking about the lives and experiences of these people who came before.

victorian girl with glasses 1902 canada

rosenthal woman canada 1902

victorian wedding dress 1902 canada

Hopefully these images have inspired you a little! I think they’re really fascinating.


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